Touring some of the leading vineyards of the world to see the process of wine making


Making wine is always considered to be a genuine form of art as it requires highest form of specialization and skills. For making quality wines, you need to have vineyards from where you can easily obtain fruit items like grapes and raisins of different varieties. Certain vineyards at the same time became a popular tourist destination due to their scenic beauties. Here we shall discuss about some of them below:

Bodegas Ysios: It is based on Spain and was established by Santiago Calvatra. This vineyard is known for producing some of the finest qualities of European wines without compromising taste. For visitors, it offers exclusive wine manufacturing workshop where they have the opportunity to come across traditional and modern wine equipments under the supervision of local brewers. This vineyard offers fantastic arrangement for the accommodation of the visitors.

Darioush Winery: This vineyard is located in the valley of Southern Nappa and spreads over a large stretch of areas ranging from Oak Knoll to Mount Veeder. The climate is quite perfect for the harvesting of grapes to obtain wines of different qualities. The vineyard employs workers who are dedicated and sincere in protecting the grape vines from any sort of damages. This vineyard comprises of a Persian architectural palace to welcome the visitors. Here they also have the option to acquire the tricks of making highest quality French wines.

Opus One: It is known to be the first premium vineyard of USA and has already acquired the distinction of producing quality European wines. Its large vineyard occupies several acres of land and is managed under the supervision of experienced plantation experts. It uses both modern and traditional tools in producing and preserving wines in good condition.





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