Negative impacts of wine consumption on human health


Since time immemorial, wine has been associated with multiple health benefits if taken at a prescribed dose. But due to its excessive consumption people often fall prey to various health-related problems. Previously, doctors used to recommend wine for patients who suffered from problems like stroke or heart attack. But now they seldom recommend it as people get addicted to it and find it difficult to get rid of the addiction. As a result of such careless drinking, they are exposed to problems like inflamed pancreas, heart damage, breast cancer and so on.

Pregnant women are also exposed to threats of excessive consumption of wine. These mainly in the shape of birth defects like mental retardation and immature formation of brain of the new born infants. Excessive consumption of wine results in loss of fertility and reproductive ability among males. Wine consumed in excess dose is the ultimate cause of the accumulation of thick fatty layers inside human body. Although harmful health impacts are often determined by wine varieties but when spilled on the floor carpets they create a strong stain. The stain can leave a long time impact on your carpets and you might require the help of a professional carpet cleaning agency.


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